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Wild Posting

We print & install your wild posting campaigns across NYC and all major cities. With guaranteed locations, high quality printing and a dedicated team of installers, our wild posting campaign service is all you need to get your brand to the streets.

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Don’t outsource! We print high quality wheatpaste posters directly in-house here in Brooklyn, NY.


We do affordable Wild Posting installation across all major USA markets.


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Wild Posting NYC

If you’ve walked around NYC and seen a poster on a wall then there’s a good chance it was printed and installed by Wild Posters! Since 2002 we’ve been printing and installing wild posting NYC campaigns for all sized campaigns and budgets from Nike, Adidas, Netflix right down to your local grocer or indie movie team. Wild Posting campaigns are ideal for all types of brands and promotions – they provide street level advertising right at your customer’s eye level. Some of the most impactful and memorable campaigns were run with wild posting and barricades (large posters on construction walls) advertising. If you’re looking to run a wild posting NYC campaign, we’re your expert team in New York!

Wild posting is traditionally done by outdoor marketing agencies who then come to us to print their posters. We combine the best of both, with years of OOH marketing experience across all kinds of campaigns and mediums and of course our local print shop in Brooklyn where we’ve been providing New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Boston and Atlanta businesses high quality wheatpaste poster printing and more since 2002. Printing in-house allows us to keep the cost per poster extremely low whilst still providing an excellent real estate scouting and location service to find the best placements for your wild posting posters.

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Wild Posting FAQ

Everything you wanted to know about wild posting.

What is wild posting?

What is wild posting? It’s a guerrilla marketing method that involves putting up billboards or flyposts on the street, and it’s called wild posting. In the United States, the posters are known as wheatpaste posters since wheatpaste is usually used to adhere them. There are posters on construction site barriers, building façades and alleyways.

It is illegal in many countries to put wild posting posters up without permission from the property owner, or to put them up on public land without a sign authorisation from the local government in several countries On the other hand, public notices might be posted on bulletin boards that are accessible to the public.

A deterrent to wild posting is the permanent marking of surfaces with Post No Bills (USA), No Flyposting (UK), or in France, Défense d’afficher – loi du 29 juillet 1881, alluding to a statute. Wild posting is popular, but landlords may take legal action to protect their property rights if they consider it a nuisance. In Boston, Massachusetts, this kind of thing happened a lot. In the case of the 2007 Boston Mooninite Scare, advertisers had built electronic signboards without informing local authorities, resulting in a costly reaction by the Boston Police Bomb Squad.

Paper classifieds and fliers placed between the wiper blades are employed in the same manner as before. New, original, and imaginative ideas are needed. This is something you can achieve without a large budget or being a major player in the market. To make the most of the streets, public access points, the city’s environs, and the fences around the building site next door, put them to work for you. Time to launch a “crazy posting” campaign.

Wild posting, sometimes known as guerilla marketing, has been increasingly popular in major cities in recent years. Everyone from your local bar to huge corporations like Sony and Apple uses wild posting as a unique and original marketing approach. Apple’s 2003 iPod ad with the famous silhouette might ring a bell. Streets were littered with posters depicting black silhouettes of people dancing in front of pink, green, yellow, and fuchsia backdrops. With the help of wild-posting posters around the United States, Apple was able to boost iPod sales into the millions during that year.

Wild posting posters are interesting because they offer a novel approach to connect with potential customers. The same poster is plastered across the entire wall, side-by-side with an eye-catching design, every day as you go down the street. You’ve gotten a whiff of what I’m talking about. For a fraction of the price of a magazine advertisement, you can get attention-grabbing posters like these. Wild-posting posters employ labor rather than billboards to promote their message in front of buyers. You can be sure your next campaign will get the attention it deserves thanks to this contentious and aggressive marketing tactic.

What size are wild posting posters?

The industry standard sizing for wild posting are the 24×36 or 48×72 posters. These wheatpaste posters are printed on our special thin paper specifically designed to absorb wheatpaste faster and easier, providing a faster and easier pasting process that doesn’t leave posters ripping. We print our 24×36 and 48×72 wheatpaste posters on special wide format printing presses and these standard wild posting sizes can be printed same day.

We provide a comprehensive range of wild posting services in NYC, including high-quality same-day printing. Our state-of-the-art digital printing presses enable us to turn around even the largest poster order in a matter of hours, meaning you can order before 12 p.m. and pick up before 6 p.m. Monday through Friday in NYC. 24×36 wheatpaste posters are our most popular wild posting poster size.

Wheatpaste posters, often known as fly posting, are a popular and successful kind of wild posting marketing. They are strategically placed on buildings, fences, or poles to capture passers-attention by’s and rapidly display information about your upcoming event, performance, or promotion. Wheat paste posters are educational, connect with people, and saturate the visual flow in your area when used in a well-targeted poster campaign. It’s an excellent marketing tool for your next campaign. Large poster sizes of 24″36″ and 27″x39″ are popular for wheatpaste poster campaigns. In NYC, we print large format posters in these sizes the same day. As a result, you’ll be able to get started right away.

Wheat paste (sometimes known as flour paste or just paste) is a water-based liquid gel or glue manufactured from wheat flour or starch. It has been used for a range of decorative arts and crafts from ancient times, including binding, decoupage, gluing, and paper sword. It’s been utilized as a glue for posters and paper inscriptions on walls in modern times. It is possible to manufacture paste from raw wheat flour, similar to wallpaper paste, by mixing approximately equal parts flour and water and boiling the mixture until it thickens. For wild placement, wheat paste for posters is the ideal match. It’s simple to make, clings to nearly any surface, and can be applied with a brush fast and effortlessly.

What are the common wild posting formats?

Wild-posting advertising can take several forms, including:

Card Stock Posters:
It’s common to see card-stock posters, which normally size 11 inches by 17 inches or 18 inches by 24 inches, strewn around the streets of specific neighborhoods. These are excellent for showcasing new products and raising awareness of local businesses and events.

Pull Tab Posters:
8.5″ x 11″ posters with customer-take-one pull-tabs are a great way to get people interested in your product or service. Posters like these can be found in a variety of locations, including cafes, shops, colleges, public bulletin boards, street poles, and construction sites.

Window Cling Posters:
Printed on static electricity-charged paper, these posters size 11″ x 15″ and attach to a variety of surfaces without the use of tape, paste, or staples. Placing these posters allows you more flexibility and customization in terms of design as well as placement.

Branded 3-by-4-inch magnets are plastered all over a target city’s metal surfaces. Street poles, storefront gates, car driver doors, newspaper kiosks, and building entrance ways are all common settings for billboards. Consumers carry magnets for personal use in their offices, apartments or dorms as a result of this crazy posting format.

Wheatpaste Posters:
If you get permission from the property owners, you can use wheatpaste to affix 24″ x 36″ thin paper posters on a variety of surfaces, including wallscapes, storefronts, and construction sites. Since they’re specific, they highlight a single brand advertising campaign with roughly 18 to 32 posters in each place with varied wild poster styles.

In high-traffic areas, such as building facades, barriers, alleyways, miscellaneous buildings, skate parks near school yards, outdoor shopping centers and other locations where the posters can be affixed.

Is wild posting legal?

It depends where you post! Our dedicated real estate team has agreements and leases in place with a wide variety of property owners with different types of walls and locations where we post. Before going to print we will give you an action plan of locations and where we think any issues might be. In over 20 years of wild posting installation, none of our clients have ever had to pay any fines as a result of our services. At the same time, we’re working to promote your goods and services in front of as many people as possible. Is it likely to cause a problem for property owners? Probably. Is SWAT going to be brought in? Never.

What are the best locations for wild posting?

If your target demographic will be in the area, you can use any location to your advantage. Popular wild posting locations include :

– Parks in city centers
– Indoor malls that are open to the public
– Skateparks
– In the vicinity of construction projects, you’re likely to encounter a lot of outrageous graffiti on the walls.

When it comes to advertising, inventiveness is key. Finding new locations for posters excites us, and we love seeing the results for our clients.

Is wild posting an effective marketing tool?

It is true that this style of guerilla marketing exceeds all other forms of outdoor or print advertising (ROI). In the larger cities, each poster is seen by an average of 750+ individuals per day. So that they can be seen by the intended audience, posters are strategically placed. Fly-posting should be a consideration for your next marketing effort.

In some situations, they are able to generate direct sales by increasing brand awareness, creating interest, and encouraging people to buy (via QR and promo codes). Marketing events, new store openings, and other out-of-home (OOH) initiatives benefit greatly from the use of these billboards.

In terms of scheduling, they are more effective than traditional print billboards because they may be purchased weekly rather than monthly. Wild posting is seen by many brands as a way to gain street cred because it connects them to trendy areas and cutting-edge marketing techniques. Finally, wild postings can be used to generate new content for social media platforms, such as Facebook.

How long will my posters stay up?

Is there a time limit on the duration of wild posting posters? Freestyle wild postings are up until the owner removes them, or the property maintenance cleans them up, or they are worn away by the weather (e.g., heavy rains, sun, sleet, etc.)

In big cities, freestyle wild posters are often up for a period of two to five days (e.g., New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and so forth). Wild postings that are allowed to remain in place for a predetermined amount of time are guaranteed to do so.

How can I maximize my wild posting campaign?

Looking to maximize your wild posting campaign? Wild posting advertising posters are available in a wide range of styles, sizes, and processes; inquire as to which is suited for a given region and your brand objectives. If you’re trying to get people to attend an event, postcard-style posters are a wonderful option because they can be used in a variety of locations (e.g., inside, outdoors, and on campus).

As part of a marketing strategy, the utilization of wheatpaste posters for wild posting campaigns is the most popular print medium for outdoor advertising. Wrinkled and textured, the surface of wheatpaste posters contrasts sharply with  smooth white cardstock-style posters that you traditionally see on indoor walls. A wide, bold font with limited text is recommended for your wheatpaste posters’ artwork in order to ensure that passersby can easily grasp the brand’s purpose as they stroll around or drive by. Make sure your wild postings are easy to read on a glance.

Graffiti is acceptable in some areas, but not in others, depending on the local poster culture in the area and the availability of public bulletin boards and construction sites. It is preferred for each wild posting posters design to stand on its own, although posters in groups have a bigger impact. Think of adopting an interactive poster style like pull tabs or tear pads, as well as include a QR code and an appealing call-to-action on the poster for maximum consumer participation.

Every week, put out a new street posters design to keep your activities fresh in the minds of the general public. Take advantage of the spontaneity with which people publish things on social media. Freestyle wild postings, where the wild poster placement is random and on temporary locations can help you get your fly posting posters up faster.

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