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With over 20 years experience in print, Wild Posters is your go-to poster printing NYC service. Pickup your poster printing jobs in Brooklyn, NYC or have them rush shipped anywhere in USA.

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Custom poster sizes for wheatpasting, OOH marketing & more!

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Posters are one of the most often used kinds of advertising in the modern era. They are a simple, yet powerful, method of communication for events, conferences, premieres, product launches, and a variety of other occasions and activities. When a poster is beautifully created and of good quality, it not only stands out and attracts the attention of the audience, but it also delivers a message to them. Due to the fact that it must not only contain the necessary information but also be visually appealing and stylistically consistent with your corporate identity, poster design is typically a time-consuming procedure.

Our Poster Printing NYC service has been in operation for over 20 years supplying all kinds of New York businesses with custom posters, wheatpaste posters and specialty mounted and framed posters for all sorts of needs. We work directly with businesses or with OOH agencies, media buyers and individuals. You bring us your ideas, and we print them!

Posters of various shapes and sizes can be printed at Wild Posters NYC. You give it a name! Large format, small format, vertical or horizontal, club or regular: the options are endless. Our full color posters are eye-catching, vibrant, and of the highest possible quality available on the market! All of this is possible because of our printing process, which is carried out with the assistance of our cutting-edge digital and offset presses.

We may begin production with as few as 100 units, allowing you to print only the number of copies you require for your promotion and avoid wasting any further copies in the process. In addition to New York City, Long Island, and New Jersey, we provide printing services throughout the United States. Also, if you require a quick turnaround, please do not hesitate to contact us and place an urgent order! It will just take one day for your posters to be completed and delivered to your home!

Why does your business need posters?

Posters serve as the foundation of current advertising campaigns. They are simple and effective, making them the ideal communication tool for conferences, events, premieres, product debuts, shop interiors, and other applications. A high-quality, well-designed poster sends a powerful message and helps you stand out from the crowd of competitors. It is common for poster creation to be a time-consuming process, but here at Wild Posters NYC, we are here to assist you every step of the way.

We produce a wide range of items, including big format prints, smaller-sized prints, vertical and horizontal prints, club posters, and products for personal use. No other company can match the quality of our full color selections, which are eye-catching and bold. Please contact us if you require a specific production run amount that is not listed on our website. We can begin production with as few as 100 pieces, so get in touch with us today. Do you require a quick turnaround? We provide same-day poster printing on a limited number of products, as well as wheatpasting posters. You can pick up your order today if you place it before 1pm at either our Brooklyn or Soho locations in New York City.

Your posters will be on your walls in no time at all, with a high-quality finish and at a cheap price, thanks to our state-of-the-art digital and offset printing technology. To learn more about our poster printing services in New York City, Long Island, and New Jersey, contact us now.

Fabric Posters

Fabric poster printing is now offered at Wild Posters NYC, and it is quite affordable. Printing fabric posters is an intriguing alternative to printing paper posters since they allow for wrinkle-free rolling as well as additional protection against scratching and tearing. They are popular with enterprises that demand scientific printing as well as those who go to trade exhibits and want to be able to reuse the same posters over and over again. In spite of the fact that they are more expensive than paper posters, they are light enough to be packed in a suitcase and taken with you on your travels while yet providing substantial protection against the elements and wrinkles.

Wheatpaste Posters®

Wheatpaste (also known as flour paste or just paste) is a liquid gel or glue manufactured from wheat flour or starch and water. It is used in a variety of applications, including construction. Since antiquity, it has been employed in a variety of arts and crafts, including bookbinding, decoupage, gluing, and the creation of paper swords. Posters and paper inscriptions on walls have been adhered to walls with the help of this substance in more recent times. It is possible to manufacture paste from raw wheat flour in the same way as wallpaper paste is made by putting approximately equal amounts of flour and water in a saucepan and boiling the mixture until it thickens. Wallpaper paste and wild laying are the perfect fit for each other. It is simple to mix, clings to practically all surfaces, and can be applied fast and easily with a brush. It is also environmentally friendly. Wheatpaste posters are frequently utilized in marketing campaigns that involve “wheatpasting.”

Informally referred to as “fly posts,” wheatpasting posters are a popular and successful method of promoting one’s own business. Placed in strategic locations throughout the city, on walls, fences, or poles, they attract the attention of passersby and help to spread the news about your next event, performance, or campaign swiftly. When done correctly, a wheatpasting is educational, it reaches out to people, and it may be the foundation for the success of your next marketing effort.

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Poster Printing NYC FAQs

What method do you use to print your posters?

We print on archival paper in a variety of finishes, including glossy, matte, and metallic, using our top-of-the-line digital printing press. In our case, the printer is a high-resolution film processor that can generate prints up to 96 inches by 48 inches in continuous tone. Simply simply, the print quality of these personalized posters will be of the highest possible quality.

Is there a variety of papers to choose from?

Yes, we have three different types of paper to choose from: glossy, matte, and metallic finishes. All three papers are archival-quality papers that provide exceptional picture clarity and rich color reproduction, as well as a level of permanence that cannot be achieved with non-archival papers. Our glossy and matte papers have a thickness of .008 inch, while our metallic paper has a thickness of .010-inch.

What's the difference between a glossy, a matte, and a metallic finish?

A glossy finish is brilliant and reflective, and it gives the impression of being “luxury.” It works particularly well with high-contrast photographs and in low-light circumstances, and it is relatively inexpensive. An anti-fingerprint treatment that is matte delivers softer, more muted colors while also working well under bright lights due to the lack of reflections provided by a matte finish. A metallic finish, as the name implies, produces a metallic, pearl-like effect, which enhances the vibrancy of colors; however, sufficient lighting is required to achieve the full metallic impact.

What is archival paper?

Using archival paper, we can ensure that the images and messaging will remain clear and vivid over time—and that they will last for decades if handled carefully. Our posters are designed for indoor usage only, and they can be sensitive to ultraviolet rays due to the nature of their design.

What is the largest poster size that you have available? What is the smallest size that you have available?

In addition to large format posters at 96″x48″, we also provide tiny format posters in sizes as small as 4″ x 4″.

Do you have a protective covering on your posters?

The option of laminating our posters is available to you. You can choose the protective laminate from the drop-down box above, which will add a glossy lamination to your poster and make it more durable. By including this, you can protect your poster from scratches while also making it easier to clean and maintain the poster quality.

Is it possible for me to have my poster printed on both sides?

No, we only print one side of our posters, which ensures that the printed image is of the finest possible quality.

Will it be okay for us to hang these posters in our child's room?

It is true that these posters will look great in a child’s room. In order to minimize the appearance of fingerprints and other smudges, a matte finish is preferable over a glossy finish since it will do a better job of rejecting fingerprints than will a glossy finish.

Do you think it's possible for us to include a QR code on one of our posters?

Yes! QR codes are an excellent way to link consumers and prospects to your website, online ordering system, virtual store, menu, and other relevant information and resources. Online, you may discover a variety of QR code generators, many of which are free. After you’ve made your QR code, all you have to do is include it into your design. Here are a few quick pointers for using QR codes: Consider the following: make your QR code as large as possible rather than as small as possible; arrange it within the poster design so that the viewer does not have to squat down or climb a ladder to scan it; test your QR code both before and after adding it to your design.

OOH Marketing Services

We work directly with OOH agencies & media buyers to plan and print posters of all sizes for all types of campaigns. Find out more.

Ooh Marketing Wheatpasting


Wheatpasting is the people’s guerrilla marketing technique — wildly popular, very low-cost, and highly effective. Wheatpasting posters, also known as bill posting, quickly catch the attention of passers-by and spread the word about your next promotion, performance, or event. In NYC, we produce wheatpaste posters for wheatpasting campaigns the same day.

Ooh Marketing Billboards

Billboards & Spectaculars

Billboards are the biggest format advertising around, and they deliver the most impact for any marketing campaign. To withstand the elements in rain, hail, and sun, billboards need high-quality, all-weather materials. In order to get the finest results, we utilize only the highest quality 13oz scrim vinyl and inks in our billboard goods.

Ooh Marketing 8 Sheets

Window Advertising

Storescapes are dynamic and eye-catching advertisements created from shop windows, walls, barriers, and storefronts. Because these windows and walls are at eye level, they are ideal for making a big impression on consumers, particularly in crowded streets and retail malls. Imagine a billboard right in front of your face — that’s a Storescape!

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We all make an imprint on our environment, and we as printers are conscious of it. We offer a huge range of environmentally friendly printing solutions across all of our products. As standard, we use recycled paper and exclusively use soy inks produced from natural soybeans. Find out more.